We teach Wushu as:

          * alternative physical education program in schools (elementary and high school)

          * special school activities and programs for clubs

          * summer enrichment program

          * movements for theatrical and movie productions


We cater to schools within the following vicinities:

          * Quezon City          * Marikina City          * Bulacan                     * Cainta Rizal                * Cogeo

          * Manila                   * Pasig City              * San Mateo Rizal         * Montalban Rizal          * Antipolo City


We also perform Lion and Dragon Dances for special occassions and Chinese New Year Celebration


Contact Info:

Mr. Johannsen C. Yap

e-mail add: phws09@yahoo.com

mobile no.: 09087030145


Pao Hong Wushu Society is an affiliate member-organization of the Wushu Federation Philippines (WFP). Pao Hong Wushu Society  was established 1995 at the University of the Philippines, Diliman carrying the name " U.P. Wushu Club". Its founder is Mr. Benito C. Ku, a Koksut practitioner. Since its affiliation with WFP last 1998, it has sent numerous members as trainees in the Philippine Training Pool. One of its successful member is now athlete and coaching staff of the Wushu Federation Philippines, Mr. Peter C. QuiƱa. Mr. Artemio E. Montes is also a teacher of WFP.


Pao Hong Wushu Society is a sports organization committed to teaching Wushu (Chinese Martial Arts) in the grass roots level. The organization promotes understanding of the arts, techniques, science and philosophies of Wushu. It helps develop within the practitioners respect, camaraderie, sportsmanship and other disciplines needed to become good members of the society.


3RD PLACER (MALE SENIOR DUILIAN EVENT): 2008 National Wushu Championships, Mall of Asia.

3RD PLACER (FREESTYLE CHANGQUAN FOR MALES): 2008 Inter-Club Competition, Crossroads 77.